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The Oregon UVN800 UV Sensor is a useful accessory for your professional wireless weather station.

The Oregon Scientific UVN800 is an optional UV sensor for compatible Oregon weather stations, such as the WMR200. This wireless sensor will give an index reading of the UV rays present outside and will give you a risk message. The UV sensor can be placed up to 100 meters away from the main unit, and can be wall mounted or inserted into the ground. This is a fantastic accessory for every household with a professional weather station that gives owners a guide to when it is the safest time to venture out under the sun.

More Information
  • UV index reading
  • Risk Mesages: Low, Med, High, Very High, and Extreme
  • Transmission Range:Up to 100 meters (unobstructed)
  • Compatible with:WMR100, WMR200, WMR90
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
Brand Oregon Scientific
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