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Electrify your room with this zany Plasma Ball. The 20cm Plasma Lightning Ball gives you a lightning show in your own room.

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What The gasses within the glass orb appear as coloured lightning strikes when exposed to the high voltage electrode.
Detail Placing a finger on the glass will attract the plasma, due to conductive nature of the human body.
Wow Clap your hands! The plasma filaments are also moved by the soundwave vibrations.

The 20cm Plasma Lightning Ball gives you a lightning show in your own room. The glass bulb is filled with negative ionised gas through which the current appears to travel like lightning. When you touch the plazma globe, the electricity is attracted to your finger in a single thick strand as it tries to get to the ground.

The Plasma Ball comes with a semi-circular black cover to enhance the visual effect of the lightning storm plasma ball. It has 2 functions - normal function (as described above) or sounds activated - clap your hands and watch it go crazy!

This is great geeky gift for classrooms, offices or bedrooms. This plasma globe will be adored by adults, kids and mad scientists alike. If you are looking for cool stuff to buy, go no further than the Plasma globe!

How Does the Plasma Ball Work?

Plasma Balls are filled with an inert gas that doesn't chemically react. Inside the dome is an electrode, an electrical conductor connecting a metallic conductor with a non-metallic conductor (the outer glass ball).

When the plasma ball is turned on the electrode transmits a voltage that causes an electric field inside the ball. The electric field allows the electrons to travel to the electrode because they are attracted to its negative charge.

At the same time a second voltage is created which changes the electric field and causes the electrons path to change, making wavey lines. This field means that electrons can travel from the negatively charged electrode, trying to make a neutral charge elsewhere, which just happens to be at the glass ball.

The change is actually invisible however the gas ionizes the electrodes as they pass through the gas. These multiple charges mean that the atoms must lose energy and in order to do this they emit a photon which we see as light. The colour it is depends on the gas inside.


PLEASE NOTE: This Plasma Globe is not a toy and should not be placed near sensitive electronic equipment, and is not recommended for people with a pacemaker.


Did you know?

The greatest number of lightning strikes in the world is near the Catatumbo River in Venezuela - recording 40, 000 strikes every night.

More Information
  • 20cm Plasma Ball
  • 12V DC adaptor (included)
  • 25cm high
  • A great desktop gadget
  • Does not run on battery power
  • This is NOT a toy
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