Wild Science Worm Farm

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Enter the mysterious underground world of worms and discover how they live, eat and breed with the Wild Science Worm Farm.

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The Wild Science Worm Farm enables you to create a scientific recreation of a real worm habitat. And it's so much nicer than digging through smelly compost!

The Worm Farm gives a captivating insight into the truly amazing world of worms, in the same way an Ant Farm can teach you about ants. View the worms going about their daily routines - even grow a mini garden for them to see them eating and tunneling. This kit provides hours of fun and is a 'must have product' for the young naturalist.

Build it and add worms to make the insect farm come to life. Plus they make great unique pets!

    • Discover the Amazing Secrets of Worms
    • Learn how worms help plants to grow
    • Observe the life of worms and their role in planet management.

Did You Know...?

      • The study of worms is called Oligochaetology.
      • Australia is home to one of the world's biggest worms - the Giant Gippsland Earthworm. It can grow over 2 metres long!

Wild Science kits can join together! Have your worms and ants interact by connecting your Ant Jungle, Worm Farm, Ant-O-Sphere and Future Farm.

More Information
  • Observation kit
  • Worm farm
  • Ages 8+
  • Box contents:
    • Worm Farm mouldings - Front, back, sides, flag, lid & base
    • Themed scenery stickers
    • Worm privacy sliders
    • Cotton Balls
    • 2 X bags of coloured sand
    • Pipette and Tweezers
    • Instruction booklet.
Brand Wild Science
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